…. and all i got was this lousy t-shirt!

.... and all i got was this lousy t-shirt!  I know what you’re thinking, ‘since you run a casino themed blog, you clearly have the luck of the devil!‘. I wish – I’m as cursed or blessed as the next casino goer, and work my way through the exact same emotions. Who among us hasn’t felt the thrill of being on a winning run and telling yourself it will never end? I’ve certainly had this experience at the roulette wheel where every number I pick for a period of time appears to be blessed by the Gods, and I quietly convince myself that this is how every moment of my casino life will now pan out. Unfortunately I’ve also had the opposite.

There have been times where I’m so out of sync with lady luck that with each spin of the wheel I practically feel the finger of God flipping the ball out of any number of colour I’ve opted for. An ‘I’m doomed’ mindset suddenly descends, the mirror image of that of the ‘I can’t lose times’, and I just know as advance that every chip I shuffle across the table will not be reporting.

The same applies to slots. When my luck is in I feel like I’m a Vegas high flyer, but when it’s not my day it feels like the machine is practically eating my chips (without salt and vinegar) and the reels bring me absolutely nothing. Of course inevitably when I finally call it and day and step away from the machine, someone chances their arm with a couple of pounds and the Jackpot comes rolling in. Sod’s Law! In any case this isn’t a rant, and every casino goer knows that there are good and bad days alike. It’s just important sometimes not to present it’s all roses!

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