A Victory for the Little Guy!

I’m biding my time waiting for my million pound glitch :-D.

Open Up! Let Me In!

Open Up! Let Me In! Much like when you attend a trendy new club and receive a “if your name’s down down you’re not coming in” greeting by the bouncer, having an active social life right now isn’t exactly the easiest thing. Right now in the UK (and no doubt in many other nations) we’ve been in a ‘lockdown’ for months on end. It’s now starting to ease thankfully, and hopefully in combination with a successful vaccination campaign will gradually lead us back to some sense of normality. But it’s been an awfully long road. It’s been a long time since I’ve attended our local casino and a carefree night of gambling. May apparently is indoor venues open again, so fingers crossed for that.

It’s not like I was making a beeline for the casino week in, week out anyway (I likely went about three times a year), and when I went, usually with family and friends’ we’d have a low and reasonably strict spending limit anyway. It was always the roulette that drew is in, but we didn’t pile on the chips, it was more a measured affair and about half of the time we came out on top. Not being able to have these little moments is a real drag, and now that there’s seemingly a light at the end of the tunnel let’s hope that’s actually what it is, rather than a train!

Casino Times!

Casino Times!

All In on the Lock Down

All In on the Lock Down What a strange time to live through – I’m sure you all agree. If these aren’t days to contemplate and re-asses I don’t know what are? I’m sure we’re all enveloped in a shared feeling of determination to live a future around what’s ‘really’ important – of treasuring those who are really ‘all in’ with us, and of casting off the fare-weather types.¬† Of living in the moment and appreciating all that is around us in a truly authentic way that may have¬† bypassed us previously.

If you like, maybe what I’m saying it that previously we were going through the motions – perhaps in part due to the now disrupted hamster wheel style nature of our daily life. Perhaps now that can change, or at least its within us to make it. This nightmare has gone on long enough that it will no doubt leave its mark (in the negative sense) but is probably the biggest opportunity we’ll ever to to take away what really matters in life.

Just prior to the first lockdown, when there was a sense of foreboding in the air, we took a family break down the coast. My brothers, our cousins, it’s a tradition of sorts. I sensed then that we might not be having a repeat of it for a while, and really did enjoy our little holiday. We headed to the casino, as we always do, and our cousins went ‘all in’ on three card poker until the earlier hours, while my brothers and I have a more measured time on the roulette wheel. Perhaps we’re a bit too careful when we play really, but it’s good to have a set approach.

Returning is out of the question right now, illegal in fact. I can’t wait to go back though, and for a little peace of normality. And humanity. Not long now hopefully.