Bitcoin Casinos – A Change Will Do You Good!

Bitcoin Casinos - A Change Will Do You Good!  We’re living in an an ever changing world and if we’ve learned anything from the difficulties of the past year it’s that we rely heavily on the online world. Whether it’s playing our favourite casino games, ordering food online or making various transactions of one kind of another, almost every aspect of life is now shifting from offline to online. Case in point, in thinking about it, it must be a good 6 months since I’ve even used physical cash!

At the forefront of digital payments are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This is born out by the rocketing value of this and other crypto options over the past year or so (and consistent spikes in value prior to this). What once was viewed as a gimmicky is now well established with the likes of billionaire Elon Musk stating his support and putting money where his mouth is by with a $1.5 billion Bitcoin purchase via Tesla (and the decision to accept Bitcoin as a payment option). It’s changing the way that millions of people both do business, and spend money. Over time, it’s hard to deny that it goes from strength to strength in the realm of online casinos too, with countless new bitcoin games out there to play.

In a virtual environment (online gaming and gambling) it’s really surprising that it took so long for an equally virtual currency like Bitcoin to catch on, but now there’s no turning back. Of course the same casino experience is on offer no matter how to pay, and all top and trusted sites adhere to the same rules and regulations of the industry so your money is safe. With more and more sites allowing you be deposit cryptocurrencies it’s no wonder that it’s becoming a firm favourite with online casino fans. There can be so many hoops to jump through with debit, credit card or bank transfer gambler many people are now often opting for a more secure and efficient way to pay – and that’s what Bitcoin offers. Indeed casino sites make up a significant percentage of payments now made using the virtual currency – seen by many as the preferable option. There are now several exclusively ‘crypto casinos’ , as casino sites are moving with the times.

Once you’ve deposited your Bitcoin payment, it’s all about focusing on playing and winning. Lots of casino sites, in this highly competitive environment have sign up bonuses, free spins, and regular incentives for loyal players, and so that in itself is a big bonus when compared to ‘real life’ casinos. And of course, online, all of your favourites games (and then some!) and still available. So whether you’re a big fan of strategic games like poker, or rely more on lady luck with a focus on roulette, and slots there is something for everyone. With the latter example alone (slots) there are are so many more options online than off, with countless fun and themed slot games available to play right now.

So with this in mind, it’s well worth making Bitcoin casinos your go-to option for online gambling. Easy, convenient, secure, What’s not to like?

A Victory for the Little Guy!

I’m biding my time waiting for my million pound glitch :-D.

Open Up! Let Me In!

Open Up! Let Me In!  Much like when you attend a trendy new club and receive a “if your name’s down down you’re not coming in” greeting by the bouncer, having an active social life right now isn’t exactly the easiest thing. Right now in the UK (and no doubt in many other nations) we’ve been in a ‘lockdown’ for months on end. It’s now starting to ease thankfully, and hopefully in combination with a successful vaccination campaign will gradually lead us back to some sense of normality. But it’s been an awfully long road. It’s been a long time since I’ve attended our local casino and a carefree night of gambling. May apparently is indoor venues open again, so fingers crossed for that.

It’s not like I was making a beeline for the casino week in, week out anyway (I likely went about three times a year), and when I went, usually with family and friends’ we’d have a low and reasonably strict spending limit anyway. It was always the roulette that drew is in, but we didn’t pile on the chips, it was more a measured affair and about half of the time we came out on top. Not being able to have these little moments is a real drag, and now that there’s seemingly a light at the end of the tunnel let’s hope that’s actually what it is, rather than a train!

Casino Times!

Casino Times!